Family Law Practice & Procedure by Jennfier Vorhies & Brian Budic

Posted August 29, 2023

  • Family Law Practice & Procedure by Jennfier Vorhies & Brian Budic

Jennifer Vorhies and Brian Budic, Co-Chairs of the firm’s Divorce and Family Law Practice Group, recently presented a CLE course entitled Family Law Practice & Procedure.

Specifically, they discussed how to handle divorce litigation from start to finish including court filings and appearances, discovery issues, and client management. After covering divorce, Vorhies & Budic next discussed family law issues for the unmarried client. These types of cases are commonly referred to as “non-dissolution” cases. And lastly, they discussed domestic violence issues with a focus on Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) and Final Restraining Orders (FRO).

Vorhies says, “As an experienced family law and divorce lawyer, I know that every day will bring a new and complex legal issue. This course was a great primer for young attorneys who want to focus on family law and more-experienced lawyers who do not fully concentrate in this area.”

Budic adds, “Intimate knowledge of family law practice and procedure can truly make or break a case. For example, filing the wrong document or missing a deadline can adversely impact your client’s position. The main purpose of our program was to highlight the importance of paying attention to detail.”

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