Join Us In Celebrating The Release Of Governor Florio’s New Book

Posted April 11, 2018

  • Join Us In Celebrating The Release Of Governor Florio’s New Book

Our founding Partner Governor Jim Florio has written a book, Standing on Principle: Lessons Learned in Public Life. We are very excited to be able to share this news with you, as well as cordially invite you to a book launch reception and program to be held on Tuesday, April 24 at Rutgers’ Eagleton Institute of Politics in New Brunswick. See the invitation below to view details and click here to register for the event.

A sneak peek:

“James J. Florio is best known as Governor of New Jersey from 1990 to 1994. But his career in local, state, and national government is far more varied, and his achievements as a progressive reformer are more substantial than most realize.

This political memoir tells the remarkable story of how Florio, a high school dropout who left to join the Navy as a teenager, went on to become an attorney, a state assemblyman, a congressman, and a governor. A passionate defender of the environment, Florio played a crucial role in the enactment of 1980s-era Superfund laws, which helped to clean up toxic waste sites in New Jersey and around the country. As governor, he fought for the groundbreaking Clean Water Enforcement Act. But his reforms quite literally came at a cost, as he raised New Jersey sales taxes and income taxes to balance the state budget. Florio reflects upon the challenges of meeting the state’s budgetary needs while keeping his tax-averse constituents happy.

Standing on Principle reveals a politician who has never been afraid to take a progressive stand—including a firm stance against semi-automatic weapons that led gun lobbyists to bankroll his opponent. His story is sure to inspire readers from New Jersey and across the nation.”

Published by Rutgers University Press in cooperation with the Center on the American Governor Eagleton Institute of Politics Rutgers University

“Jim Florio has always been his own man. He was a politician whose strength was rooted in substance. He cared about ideas. He cared even more about policy and good government, from his work on the initial Superfund Bill to clean up toxic wastes, to economic development strategies during his time as governor. He always thought of the long term, a very rare political trait.”

“I think history will be very kind to Jim Florio. He’s the man who made the tough choices and lived to take pride in them. I hope when people finish this book that they’ll see the full dimension of his leadership and come to admire the man even more.”

Excerpts from the Foreword by Senator Bill Bradley
1979-1997 U.S. Senator from New Jersey

“I met Jim Florio when he was in Congress and was stunned by his wealth of knowledge and his steely resolve to do the right thing. He displayed the same traits as Governor even at his own peril. This book describes how he confronted the challenges he faced and how he overcame them with a self-described ‘policy wonk’s’ intelligence and courage. A must read for those who believe that good people can’t succeed in politics.”

Edward G. Rendell
45th Governor of Pennsylvania

“For decades, Jim Florio has been at the center of New Jersey public life, courageously fighting for people over special interests and working to bridge the divides that separate us. His life – vividly captured in this memoir – is an important and fascinating narrative of battles won, battles lost, and what it means to serve”

Cory A. Booker
2013 – Current U.S. Senator from New Jersey

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