Lehigh Valley College Kids: Avoid Trouble But If You Can’t…

Posted June 14, 2023

  • Lehigh Valley College Kids: Avoid Trouble But If You Can’t…

There are thousands of college students attending school in the Lehigh Valley. With eight four-year accredited colleges and universities, including Lehigh University, Penn State Lehigh Valley, Cedar Crest College, Muhlenberg College, DeSales University, Lafayette College, Moravian University and Kutztown University, the Lehigh Valley is considered by many to be an ideal area for students to pursue higher education. While many college students may not think so, the laws of Pennsylvania and each of the municipalities their respective schools are located in apply to students just like they do everyone else. Sometimes, the fun that comes with the college experience can land students in hot water, which makes it important that students and their parents have access to experienced attorneys in the event trouble rises. Contemporaneous with a criminal prosecution almost always comes school discipline, ranging from suspension to expulsion.

An example of potential trouble is the abundance of fake IDs on college campuses (easily obtained online), which can cause major havoc in a student’s life if he or she gets caught trying to use one or is even in possession of one. In Pennsylvania, those caught possessing a fake ID can face a Summary Offense, along with a $500 fine for a first violation, followed by a Misdemeanor for a second violation. Additionally, offenders may also face licensing suspensions, including a first-offense suspension of 90 days.

A second example of laws directly impacting college students is Pennsylvania’s anti-hazing laws. Hazing was, historically, an expected rite-of-passage at many college campuses, especially in fraternities and sororities. Injuries resulting from hazing can lead to hefty fines and criminal charges for perpetrators. Lehigh Valley colleges are surely not immune from hazing, with multiple Greek life organizations at Lehigh University facing multiple hazing accusations and corresponding disciplinary actions.

The examples above are two of the many ways college students can end up in trouble. Obviously, there are plenty of other scenarios that can lead to criminal charges, including theft, assault, DUI, underage drinking, drug possession and more. If your student finds himself or herself in trouble, the team at Florio Perrucci can provide the legal services required for these kinds of incidents which have the potential to impact students for a lifetime.

For more information, contact me and I would be glad to assist you and your college student.

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