Governor Florio & Lester Taylor Discuss Water Infrastructure

Posted July 12, 2021

  • Governor Florio & Lester Taylor Discuss Water Infrastructure

Former New Jersey Governor James J. Florio, Founding Partner, and Lester E. Taylor, Name Partner at the law firm of Florio Perrucci Steinhardt Cappelli Tipton & Taylor LLC, appeared on a recent edition of the NFN Radio News Podcast. Lester, the featured guest speaker, was interviewed by the podcast’s co-hosts, Gov. Florio, and journalist Bob Gatty about water infrastructure issues.

The theme of the podcast is Water is the New Oil. They discussed how drinking water is an essential natural resource that is facing serious challenges. On the podcast, Gov. Florio says, “Water is emerging as a major concern of this country and the world. The fact is, I’ve heard it said that water is the new oil, and what oil was to the last century water is going to be to this century – a major factor in terms of the economy, in terms of survival, and there are lots of problems that we haven’t really paid attention to. Water, of course, we don’t think about until we turn on the faucet and nothing comes out. Then we think about it.”

Lester, who speaks nationally on environmental and water infrastructure issues, adds, “Ultimately, our resources, water, electricity, you have to invest in them and reinvest in them to make the delivery stronger. There’s no one-time fix for a pipe, an aquifer. There are so many different systems for water delivery in our state, in our country, that it requires continuous investment.”

Lester is a Member of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Development Committee of Sustainable Jersey. He is also a Member of the Steering Committee as well as the Education & Outreach Committee of Jersey Water Works.


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