Posted July 7, 2020


Medium and small businesses have been hurt by the closings resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants and many other kinds of businesses have been hit especially hard. These businesses paid for business interruption insurance to cover lost income and related expenses, but insurance companies are refusing claims by the owners of these businesses claiming that losses caused by viruses such as COVID-19 are not covered by the insurance policies they issued.

Insurance company requirements that there be actual physical damage to the places of business ignore the obvious fact that viruses do not damage roofs, walls, and floors like fires or storms, but they do cause direct losses to the business owners.

Florio Perrucci Steinhardt Cappelli Tipton & Taylor LLC’s attorneys have researched this and believe that there are persuasive arguments to be made to courts to compel payments of the claims in many instances. An important first step is for us to review your insurance policies to determine what they say about whether viruses are excluded from coverage. Other factors are whether they clearly state what is required to have a valid claim and whether the insurance policies impose unreasonable limitations that violate public policy.

We will evaluate your case without charge, and, if we agree that you have a meritorious claim, we will represent you on a contingent fee basis or an hourly basis.

If you have any questions about this blog, or other insurance coverage issues, please call us.

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